New Gameboards for my Etsy!

Got the itch this weekend to get back in the workshop and finish up some old projects. I had cut the playing fields for these boards a while back, but never finished them. Probably a little discouraged when the first board took so long to sell. After getting an order for a new board, and a good idea for playing pieces, I took the dive and finished these up. All four boards have a maple and walnut playing field, but each one has a unique border and are available now in my Etsy shop.

Three are wrapped in cherry, with white oak inlays around the board. Something new I had not tried before. The fourth is wrapped in mulberry, with no inlays. Finished with oil, lacquer and wax. Pieces are black and white simulated stone; great finish, feel and weight to them.

Board 1 in Cherry and Oak Inlay with round corners.

Board 2 in Cherry and Oak Inlay  with round corners.

Board 3 in Cherry with Oak Lattice and square corners.

Board 4 with Mulberry frame and square corners.


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