Knock, Knock… it’s a door!

Over Memorial Day Weekend, we took on our first major house renovation. Our house was build in 1880, and has had two additions and been converted back and forth between a duplex and a single family home at least once over its 135 year life. One of the additions is a room off the kitchen, but it’s pretty isolated from the rest of the house, so our solution was to cut a door between the ‘bonus’ room and the dining room.

After deciding to take this on, we learned from the previous owners that there used to be a doorway in this exact spot! When we opened up the wall, we definitely found the replaced studs, they’re easy to pick out since they’re not older than time… The wall itself was framed with rough cut 2×6’s with another inch of original tongue and groove sheathing on the outside. This was one of the original exterior walls of the house. The boss got to channel her inner ‘Flip or Flop’ and take a hammer to the drywall.


After chopping out the drywall, and discovering the questionable lack of a header… there was some framing to do. Cripple studs, a new laminated header and jack studs all went in to frame out the new doorway to the dining room. This went surprisingly well, I left the original studs in place, and used that dimension to size out the new old door.

This is where things got out of hand! With the two of us on a roll, we turned around and ripped out a layer of floating cork flooring, followed by a layer of parquet tiles and underlayment plywood! It was a late night, but finished everything up around midnight on Saturday! We definitely put our squat muscles to the test, with the help of a couple pry bars!

Sunday morning we pick out new flooring: Coastal Maple. A light grey color gave the airy feel we wanted for the room. The rest of the first floor is all narrow strip oak, and we didn’t want to give any impression we were trying to match. By Sunday evening, I was done with the flooring stapler, and we had a new floor.


I’m a huge dork, and it was time for a beer! Stay tuned for more on trimming out the doorway to match the rest of the house, and my struggles in coping all the molding!