Rustic Chessboard with Reclaimed American Chestnut

This weekend I finished of a pair of chessboards, a little more rustic in design than my previous boards. The playing field is aromatic cedar and pine with a birdseye grain marking. I wrapped the boards with American Chestnut, reclaimed from some barn beams that I salvaged several years ago. Available now in my Etsy shop!


I built the playing fields first, using my own method, then set to work milling the frame. I had the beams sawn into 5/4″ thick planks several years ago. The first step was planing them smooth, and finished just above an inch thick. Then the rabbet was cut to accept the board. I don’t use a dado set for these cuts, so I can keep the section removed for other projects.

Once assembled, I sanded everything to 220 grit, and finished with Danish Oil and paste wax. All that’s left is to add your own chess pieces or a nice set of checkers. Happy playing!





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