Successful Salvage Sunday

Last weekend, I acquired two solid six panel doors, someone was doing a little renovating and left them leaning against a dumpster in the alley. Beyond the obvious want for the doors themselves, I wanted the knobs! Our house has several antique resin doorknobs, and they have a tendency to disintegrate in your hand. Anytime I find a pieces to salvage, I grab them; so extremely surprised to find someone had left not only a pair of doorknobs, but also some of the hardware on theses doors.

A few hours with a soft wire brush and some clean-up by fire and the original beauty came back out of these. The brass pieces were cast by F.C. Linde & Co. in the late 1800’s; the black iron backplate casting has a date marked on the back that faintly reads 1870. Hard to believe someone was willing to let these end up in the trash.

Available now, in my Etsy Shop!

Vintage Black Iron Hinge Late 1800s Antique Victorian Style

Vintage Black Iron Doorknob Backplate Late 1800s Antique Victorian Style


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